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Radio-stream wont back soon and we are transforming into Latest Grunge-News Page. The name Radio Grunge remains.

18 August 2015 - Frances Bean Cobain's 23 birthday! As a mindful mom Courtney Love had wished her dauthger all the best on Twitter, and Frances Beans as a lovely daughter replied. Source: Twitter Frances Bean and Courtney Love Cobain official. Click to see all wishes.

twitter frances bean

13 June 2014 - Lana del Rey releases her third studio album Ultraviolence. West Cost is a one of the singles. Two things took my attention, one is that Del Rey is fascinated with older mens, and second how she pronunces "West Cost" in the Sean Connery style.

01 October 2013 - Lighting Bolt - Pearl Jam 10th album. Date of premiere 15th October 2013. The single Mind Your Manners has been released earlier on July this year.

25 Mai 2013 - David Grohl has made a documentary about Sound City Studios LA - the place where Nirvana, among others, has recorded their Nevermind album.

24 April 2013 - The second Alice In Chains single - Stone - from the fifth studio album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" Premiere on 28th may 2013.

05 April 2013 - We want this anniversary to be happy one - one dies another rises - Foo Fighters - I'll stick around:

14 January 2013 - The newest Alice In Chains singel - THE HOLLOW - from the upcoming album on spring 2013.

17 November 2012 You can follow us on facebook!

Friend us! comment and share your stuff. We're starting with the new Soundgarden KING ANIMAL - BEEN AWAY TOO LONG!

28 July 2012 Lana Del Rey has covered Heart Shaped Box live

Lana del Rey - American songwriter (born 1986 in Lake Placid) she's inspired by Nirvana Kurt Cobain, Bruce Springsteen - delivered youtube mrstormjagger.

5th April 2012 Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley RIP

Since the 10th anniversary of a death of frontman Layne Staley is coming up we got some propositions for you. First one is Sing for Layne the fan site "He sang for us, now we will sing for him" on April 5th, 2012 at 9:00PM EST.

Since the technical break is prolonging we are developing the information side of the radio grunge, bringing you the latest news from the grunge scene.

Chris Cornell is back, after a few days break due to laryngitis. Check his yesterdays setlist from Buenos Aires Argentina >>> more news

The Twentieth Anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind!

Interpol will play on the Coke Live Festival Poland Cracov


Unfortunately the technical break is going to prolong. Since the radio is no commercial initiative we are looking for financial support.
Its a question to you Listeners of supporting us with the small amounts of money. If you will to support the radio of 5, 10 USD a month please let us know on
If the sum of money offered by you- Listeners is enough to run the station we will collect the money and start the station again. Hope it will work well.

The Radio Grunge Team

Drodzy Słuchacze

Niestety usterka techniczna okazała sie poważniejsza niż myslelismy i bez wsparcia finansowego nie będziemy mogli jej w najbliższym czasie usunać.
Jest to apel do was Słuchaczy o zaoferowanie minimalnego wsparcia finansowego. Jeżeli bylibyscie gotowi dofinansować radio minimalna kwota 10, 15 złotych miesięcznie to moglibysmy uzbierać potrzebna kwotę do uruchomienia radia ponownie. Dlatego bardzo prosimy przeslijcie nam wiadomosć na maila czy jestescie gotowi zaoferować takie wsparcie.
Jeżeli zaoferowana kwota wystarczy by ruszyć z powrotem to zbierzemy pieniadze i zaczniemy znowu nadawać. Mamy nadzieję, że wszystko pójdzie ok.

Zespół Radia Grunge.

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